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Program Details
This night school open course, which runs over a 11-week period, is suitable for people who are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship in the trade or formal education or for homeowners looking to learn basic wiring techniques that can be used safely around the home.

This course will prepare and give the participants an overview of what the electrical field can offer, as well as, the steps involved in becoming an electrician. The program is a hands-on course that will give participants an understanding of electricity and the tools, equipment and materials used in this technical field. The course will emphasize safe work practices and good workmanship skills. Participants will receive hands-on opportunities ranging from understanding the Ontario and Canadian codes to actually wiring outlets, switches and tying in panels.

Participants will learn the basics of residential wiring methods from a variety of projects that can be used around the home. They will use industry grade tools and equipment throughout the course when completing projects. The projects consist of: 
  • learning electrical code
  • reading schematic drawings
  • creating actual drawings, and
  • applying the drawings to wire a cubicle.

Health & Safety Policy 
“Safety First” 

The Technical Training Group has safety as its first priority. The first consideration of any task will be to ensure safe practices and conditions. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) must be in good condition and worn at all times in identified areas. The shop and lab areas have specific safety rules pertaining to the individual hazards or concerns.